WELCOME ~ and thank you for visiting my Web site. I invite you to join me in the honorable work of governing our State. I encourage you to engage in the responsibility we all have in a free, democratic society, to take part, make our views known, make our cases for what we think is right, and to do it all in a civil, constructive, positive manner. I am grateful for the privilege of serving as the New Hampshire state representative from Dover Ward I, House District 13.
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Friday, August 29, 2014: Dover High School Career Technical Center

Representative Jim Verschueren, Governor Maggie Hassan, Senator David Watters
It was my great honor to join Governor Maggie Hassan and Senator David Watters at the Dover High School Career Technical Center (CTC) for the signing of two bills championed by Senator Watters and passed in the House to go to the governor to become law. One law allocates $13,500,000 toward the renovation or rebuilding of the CTC at Dover High. Included in the bill is retention of the 75%/25% share in the cost. Instead of reducing its share to 60% as proposed in the first version of the bill. Senator Watters negotiated retaining the 75% State share, thus saving Dover taxpayers nearly $3,000,000. The second bill establishes a commission that will bring together educators, businesspeople and community representatives to study ways to improve career and technical education statewide. Both bills were co-sponsored by Senator Watters.

June 2014

Representatives Bill Baber (Ward 2), Peter Schmidt (Wards 1 & 2) and Jim Verschueren (Ward 1)
I stood with my colleagues at Dover City Hall after registering to run for my second term. I am proud of the accomplishments of the 2013-2014 legislature, the many bipartisan solutions hammered out, and the positive, civil manner in which business was conducted. The two years were a tremendous learning experience in so many ways. I ask the voters of Strafford District 13, Dover Ward I, to support my candidacy and allow me the privilege of serving in the people's House for the next two years. I invite the voters in Wards 1 & 2 to return your three representatives - Bill Baber (left) for Ward 2 and Peter Schmidt (center) representing Wards 1 & 2 combined. Here we are at the doors of Dover City Hall on the day we registered together:

Shortly after the November 2012 election I submitted this statement of my commitment to Foster's Daily Democrat:
With Appreciation
I had a joyous day last Tuesday, standing at the polls and greeting the voters of Ward 1. It was wonderful to see our representative democracy functioning so well. Our poll workers did a superb job of processing the hundreds of same-day registrants and keeping those already registered moving through the process efficiently.
I am grateful for the privilege of serving as the newly elected state representative. Though I ran unopposed, I spent many days walking the neighborhoods to meet and talk with voters. My thanks to all who took the time to talk with me and to come out to vote.
Now the real work begins. I commit to being a conscientious representative. I will be present and participate fully in the legislative process. I will do my homework. I will listen to your concerns. I will work "from the middle" to address issues in a balanced manner.
As we go through these next two years together, I look forward to our work together. Your thoughts are most welcome:
jimv4nh@gmail.com or 343-4652.
Jim Verschueren
State Representative - Elect
District 13, Ward 1, Dover
NOTES FROM THE CAMPAIGN - at the end of August 2012 two of my granddaughters & I put the first yard signs out in front of our house. 
Political Philosophy
Listen, learn, give-and-take, respect for others. The best solution is almost always found somewhere "in the middle."
The work of politics, like the work in so many other parts of our lives, is to enable all of us to build better futures.
My political philosophy, much like my spiritual and every-day working philosophies, rests on the idea that we are our brothers' and sisters' keepers.
How this philosophy plays out in everyday life is perhaps best illustrated by my "letters to the editor" printed in Foster's Daily Democrat. To see those, please click on the "What I'm Thinking" tab above.
I filed for State Representative at Dover City Hall on June 11, 2012.